FleetPartners ANZ

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FleetPartners New Zealand originated from the amalgamation of two vehicle leasing companies: Avis Lease and Truck Leasing Limited. These companies were market leaders in their specialist categories. The merger brought together the best of both worlds to form FleetPartners, the most experienced and complete vehicle leasing company in Australasia. It is the largest vehicle fleet lease company in New Zealand.



OneClick designed and built a website that is complex, functionally rich but also easy to use. The site was designed with clear tight navigation to ensure users always know where they are at any stage of the process.

Essentially the website was required to:

  • Communicate with users of varying degrees of technical literacy
  • Allow FleetPartner’s staff to manage and change the website content themselves

Specific key online functionality includes:

  • New online and mobile functionality
  • Why businesses lease video
  • Find the right lease tool
  • Vehicle comparison tool – including updateable vehicle databases
  • Product comparison table
  • Service Finder Tool
  • Dynamic enquire forms integrated with Sales Force CRM
  • Implementation of a customer fleet management system which facilitates online action to all fleet management records such as service, WOF, mileage etc.


OneClick delivered a fresh new website complete with a set of multiple online tools to assist users to easily identify the right lease for them. FleetPartners users can also compare products, compare cars and access fleet management information.

Fleetpartners NZ - Gail McNamara

Fleetpartners NZ - Gail McNamara
The fresh new look and additional on-line tools will, we believe, enable users to find out everything from why businesses lease to what type of lease may be best suited for them and their business through to a vehicle comparison tool and an easy service finder mobile solution for drivers. Gail McNamara Fleetpartners NZ