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Fujifilm Sonosite had initially contracted out the development of the ‘Value of Visualization’ website to a third party website development company. Once complete, the work was deemed unsatisfactory for a number of reasons, OneClick was then given the task to address the identified issues and resolve them.


This type of project is particularly delicate and challenging, as it involves researching the issue, diagnosing the exact problem and then adjusting or re-writing the code of the affected areas, without affecting anything else. OneClick made the site fully responsive, allowing users to easily and smoothly navigate the site from multiple devices including tablets, Andriod devices, iPhones or desktops. The parallax scrolling was corrected and refined to maximise the impact of the imagery while also ensuring smooth navigation to enhance the user experience on the site. The video loop on the homepage was also re-set to play without interrupting or cutting out, as it had been doing previously.


  • Improved User Experience
  • Fully responsive mobile friendly website
  • Increased traffic
  • Simplified navigational path
  • Easy for administrators to update content

SonoSite Solutions


Fujifilm Sonosite International is the world leader in bedside and point-of-care ultrasound, that deliver solutions which meet imaging needs of the medical community. SonoSite has earned worldwide recognition for its progressive product line, educational programs, and advocacy for a broader understanding of ultrasound’s multiple benefits.


OneClick worked with Fujifilm SonoSite to re-theme the Sonosite Solutions website to allow for site wide responsiveness and accommodate an additional product solution. The site was updated to simplify the navigational path and allow users to always know where they are at any stage of the process.


The final website was:

  • Fully responsive mobile friendly website
  • Accommodated the addition of a new product offering
  • Simplifiied the Drupal 7 back end page templates
  • Made it easy to manage and add content
  • Optimised images and video for the mobile experience
  • Modified to use only one direction to scroll in instead of bidirectional
  • Added new burger Menu for site navigation
  • Clear calls to action and path to purchase

FujiFilm - Gina Raebel

FujiFilm - Gina Raebel
We are delighted to be able to get this site live! We couldn’t have done it without OneClick Gina Raebel FujiFilm