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12 quick changes you can make to your eCommerce store to get people to buy now

Do you want to make more sales from your eCommerce store? (of course you do!) Or perhaps you are finding it difficult to make any sales at all? Enticing people to buy from your website is not always easy and can even be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are many small changes that you can make to your website that can have a big impact on convincing prospects to purchase from you. Below we have summarised 12 changes you can easily make to your website that will give you the best possible chance to convert prospective customers.

1. Free Shipping

Provide free shipping for all online purchases. Free shipping is a big consideration for buyers and one of the main causes of shopping cart abandonment. According to the Walker Sands Future of Retail 2016 study, when asked what would make them shop more online, 9 out of 10 survey participants said that free shipping was the number one incentive. This could be the difference between making a sale or not, so consider this a cost of doing business. If providing free shipping for everyone is not an option then consider setting a threshold e.g. free shipping for orders over $79.

Ecommerce - Free Shipping

2. Introduce a Sense of Urgency

Create a sense of urgency to motivate buyers to take action on your website. The longer a prospect waits to make a purchase the less likely they will be to transact. Urgency can be created through the page copy (make use of words such as Hurry, Last Chance, Ends Today, One Day Only), limited time offers, countdown timers and showing stock levels (if they are low). If the offer is not going to be there tomorrow the prospect will want to buy it today!

eCommerce countdown timer example

3. Payment Options

Having multiple payments on your eCommerce store will grow your business. According to YouGov, 50% of regular shoppers would cancel their purchase if their preferred payment method was not available. Since the checkout experience can be the difference between making a sale or not it is important to integrate your eCommerce shopping cart with the best and most popular payment options.  Common payment options include: POS systems such as DPS (for credit card payments), Klarna (layby option), PayPal, Amazon Pay and Apple Pay.

eCommerce payment options

4. Offer a Deal

Offering a deal always sweetens the purchase for a potential buyer. Not only do deals drive traffic to your site but it increases your chances of acquiring new customers, and growing revenue. Show the original and discounted prices so users can see how much they would save if they buy now. Make use of colours to highlight the specials and consider showing the user exactly how much they are saving, this always provides them with a great thrill. 

eCommerce deals example

5. Offer Trial Options (and get leads in the meantime)

For some businesses, the purchasing cycle is not instant and customers will research and consider their options before committing. In these situations, a good option to help lead them along the purchasing pathway is to present the available options for purchase along with a trial option for those who aren’t yet certain about committing to the purchase. By doing this you not only introduce the prospect to your product but you collect valuable lead information which can be used for continued marketing to convert them.

ECommerce - offer free trial

6. Connect with users through your web copy

Having good web copy is important for any eCommerce store. Content should be simple and easy to understand and should create an emotional bridge between your brand and your customers. This gives customers the feeling that you truly understand their needs, making them want to connect with you and purchase from you. Rather than providing a purely functional description give product descriptions that are outcome based. These should be specific about the outcome that will be achieved by the owner of this product and appeal to their emotions rather than logic. This should make the prospect feel good about buying. E.g. if you are selling a watch a functional description might be: 5mm leather strap, 2mm dial with sleek hands, whereas, an outcome description might be: Stand out from the crowd with this designer watch, made from luxurious soft touch leather.  

Great eCommerce Copy

7. Highlight Key USPs

Your Unique Selling Points (USPs) are what make you different from your competitors. Clearly communicate these on your website to tell prospects why they should choose you over your competitor. This might be free shipping, customer service or the fact you offer a 2 year warranty on goods. Put this front and centre of your page, highlighted through the use of scrolling banners and bold text. 

Ecommerce - highlight Key USPs

8. Display your customers local currency

Acquiring customers from overseas can be made that bit harder if they are forced to convert international currencies. If you deal with international customers then displaying prices in their local currency is important. This can be done through either the use of eCommerce tools such as a currency picker or if possible through the use of Geo Location tracking so the site automatically detects where the user is located and shows the pricing in the relevant currency. 

Ecommerce Currency Picker

9. Page Speed

This is one that you have probably heard before, but page speed remains a key factor in getting people to buy from your eCommerce store. Load time for a webpage is a major contributing factor to page abandonment, according to Radware, a 2 second delay in load time during a transaction results in abandonment rates of up to 87%. You can check your current page speed here and be provided with suggestions for how to improve page speed. One of the easiest things to do is ensure that all your images are a suitable size for web and generally they should be JPEG format. 

Ecommerce - Page speed

10. Test your Call to Action Buttons

Call To Action (CTA) buttons can be found on every website, and are the buttons which ask the viewer to take action, whether it be “Shop Now”, “Contact Us”, “Add to Cart” etc. Try testing different CTA button variations to see if one style is more effective than others. Try changing the wording to something more aligned with your audience e.g. instead of “Shop Now” try “Get Started”. Also try changing the colour and placement of the buttons to see what works best for you.

Ecommerce - test calls to action

11. Referral Programs

A well-run referral program will almost certainly deliver low cost customer acquisition and can be an effective method to attract new customers. Consider setting one up and sharing with your subscribers via social media and on your website. Be sure to keep this simple, if the program is hard to use and error-prone, people won’t promote it properly, or will fail to complete the referral cycle properly, resulting in the non-issue of rewards. 

Ecommerce - referral programs

12. Prove you are a Trustworthy Site

Trust badges on a website help to reinforce eCommerce security and prove to a customer you are a trustworthy retailer. Logos of your payment provider, badges of other certifications or authorised bodies that you belong to should all be displayed. In addition to this, ensure your website has an SSL certificate showing it is a secure site (i.e the url shows https://) and cannot be read or forged by any third party. This is particularly important for eCommerce stores dealing with sensitive personal information. Show these badges wherever possible, on relevant product pages and on the footer of your website. 

Ecommerce Trust Badges

Depending on your situation you may not have the time or resources to implement all of these changes however, tackling even just one of these changes at a time can have a huge impact on your website and its ability to convert sales. Start with the tasks that are easiest to implement. Be sure to track your changes through the use of tools like Google Analytics so you can determine exactly what is working for you. 

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Monique Oosterbaan

Author: Monique Oosterbaan
Published: 06/10/2017