Goodbye IE 8,9 and 10!

Microsoft pulls the plug on IE 8,9 and 10 in one fell swoop!

I know some users will miss it but most web developers won't be sad to say goodbye! Microsoft is pulling support for Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10 in January 2016. This is a good thing! Users will be encouraged to upgrade, if they chose not to it simply means there will be no more security updates or technical support. Basically these users will be vulnerable to whatever new nasties the spammers come up with.  A recently-announced patch will deliver the last few bug fixes, as well as an "End of Life" notification telling users to upgrade to IE 11 or Microsoft Edge — the company's successor to Internet Explorer, built for Windows 10.

There has been plenty of warning, they have been talking about this since last year so hopefully people won't be too surprised.  And in March last year, the company relegated IE to "legacy" status, meaning that the browser will be kept around mostly for the sake of enterprise compatibility.

Despite this, though, there are still thought to be several hundred million users using soon-to-be-obsolete versions of Internet Explorer. Those users are about to become a security risk, so Microsoft must be hoping that its "End of Life" warning encourages at least few million to upgrade. Then again, they might just switch to another browser altogether.

As web developers we are constantly surprised how many antique browsers are lurking out there. We are frequently being asked to ensure a company's shiny new website is compatible with an ancient browser version. With the absence of a time machine this is a pretty big ask.

Sharron Martin

Author: Sharron Martin
Published: 12/01/2016