3 Reasons to Integrate Your ECommerce Website

1. Efficiency

When your ecommerce website is integrated with your other business systems, data is entered once and flows from the website through to the relevant integrated systems in the business. Effectively, your customers enter the data for you. When a customer places an order for example, that order is then picked, packed, dispatched and billed, from the same data entered by your customer. Inventory levels are updated, customer accounts debited and sales and GST credited, all of that happens from that single order.  

2. Accuracy

As the data is entered once and only once, this dramatically reduces the rate of errors. With the best of intentions, when data is re-keyed there is always the risk of mistakes. Mistakes that cost companies valuable time, money customers. When eCommerce websites are fully integrated, the original data flows through the entire system as it was originally entered. Then you can be confident that the data pushed through to the other systems such as accounting and CRM is completely accurate.

3. Affordability

Traditionally data integration has been restricted to large corporations with deep pockets. The technology to integrate different systems has evolved significantly in recent years. It is now much easier to move data between software systems with different databases. Being easier means that it is faster and ultimately cheaper. The ability to integrate data is now a much more affordable option and it is a one off cost. The return on this investment can be recovered against the ongoing cost of paying valuable employees to re-key data. 

Sharron Martin

Author: Sharron Martin
Published: 15/06/2016