Personalisation = Lead Generation

Digital marketing is still a super-hot topic and the key word on the street for digital marketers is ‘personalisation’, the process of creating and analysing digital fingerprints. But what does that mean exactly? Basically, the premise is that end users, or potential customers, are only presented with the information that is relevant to them. The right information, to the right people at the right time, in the right way.

So how can contemporary marketers accurately tailor messages and target them to the key relevant audience groups? This challenge is not new. A cornerstone of basic marketing is tailoring the message to communicate information to the right audience. What is new, however, is the fact that website technology can now do this for us. Your website can now be configured to record and interpret user activity, integrate that with your CRM system and then leverage this information for the purpose of targeted lead generation.

For future transactions the data can then be used to present different content to that user, based on the choices they have previously made and the path followed through your website. Sitecore refers to this process as ‘Predictive Personalisation’.

The Sitecore Experience Platform, is one tool that allows marketers to personalise the content production process on your website. It’s not only content, there are also multiple core channels to consider, a variety of ever changing platforms and devices to communicate with and the messages must be refined not only for the customer, but for the layout of the relevant destination device.

Getting all of this right, all of the time may appear a daunting challenge, however, the tools exist to seamlessly synchronise the process. This is good news because personalisation is not only possible but now very necessary, in order to effectively compete and succeed, in the current highly competitive digital market place.

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Sharron Martin

Author: Sharron Martin
Published: 27/11/2014