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5 Tips to Get Your website found on Google

Welcome to the OneClick Blog series on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). If you are not sure what that means then read on, this blog is for you. You may have noticed but Google AdWords are certainly not getting any cheaper. If you can improve the organic rankings for your website then you can save money and increase website sales at the same time. The net result of this is reduced costs and increased revenue, music to any CEO’s ears. Sounds great in theory but from a practical perspective how can you achieve this for your website? This blog discusses 5 key tips to improve your organic search rankings on google.

1) Carefully select your key words

If you haven’t done this before then use a tool like Google AdWords Keyword Planner. This tool will help you to identify what users are searching to find your company’s products or services. The next thing you need to work out is how competitive those terms are, as that determines how difficult they will be to rank well for. SEO Moz is a great resource for this information and has an article explaining how to go about this process here. The ultimate goal of this exercise would be to identify the a) most relevant and b) least competitive key words for your website. Then you can focus your energy and efforts on those.

SEO Fundamentals

2) It's all about content

Once you identify your key words, then sprinkle them liberally throughout your content. Google will always aim to return the most relevant, recent website content in response to a user search query. Ultimately that is the whole point of the search engine.  Knowing that then, it is important that your website fits that criteria. If your industry is web design for example, are you creating quality, relevant, current website design related content for your audience?  Relevant, quality, key word rich content, added incrementally, over an extended period is the absolute key to increasing organic search results, according to Google’s Andrey Lipattsev

3) Websites don’t excel in isolation

Linking to other websites and vice versa, increases your website credibility and will support your organic rankings. This is one of the ways that Google can assess the quality of your website. A website may claim expertise in a certain area, however, if other websites in the same industry also link to your website then each link validates the claim of expertise. That means it's not enough to say you know The more links, the higher the level of credibility.  Just like content these links must be added incrementally over an extended period. Any significant spike in link activity will be viewed with suspicion and could potentially do more harm than good.

Websites linked to many other sites

4) Ensure your website is optimised

Even the best content won’t improve your organic rankings if there are technical issues with the website. If you are not sure what this means or how to do it, it is simply some fundamental technical requirements that your website company will be able to help you with. For example ensuring the meta, title and H1 tags are present and correct, ensuring there is a sitemap and robot.txt present. All these things will help Google to read or crawl your website faster and more efficiently. The faster and more frequently this happens the faster you will see your organic rankings improve.

Optimise website URLs

5) Monitor your rankings

When you make a change, check your rankings each time. Every day is best, if you can. Your position may not change every day but over time you will see improvements. It is important therefore to identify what worked well for your website and what didn't. Check and test as often as you can. If you are not sure where to start with this Smart Insights have defined a clever process to follow that will assist with regular planning and analysis.  

Getting traction with organic rankings can be a slow hard slog. Getting your website on page one for your desired key words is the result of consistent, planned and sustained effort over an extended period. To make this happen you need a plan. If this is something that you need help with OneClick can build a personalised organic search plan to get you started.  

Bill Wang

Author: Bill Wang
Published: 11/10/2016