Why Websites Need Water
Nurture Your Website - Watch Your Business Grow

The best apple trees will bear the most fruit if they regularly get the right amount of water and fertiliser and get weeded and pruned of dead branches.  Your website is no different – it needs care and attention from the moment it goes live, otherwise it will wither and die. 

Just like a tree, for a website to have ongoing success, its foundations must be strong. Customer value should be at the centre of any website, with the focus to design, deliver and communicate competitively superior customer experiences and remove existing pain points. This means having a clear plan and direction for your site focusing on the following key areas:

  • growing revenue with existing customers
  • customer retention
  • customer loyalty
  • lead generation
  • increasing margins and EBIT
  • information sharing - internally or with your customers
  • reducing costs of doing business
  • improving quality, reducing errors and re-work
  • marketing objectives


Below, we review the key areas of your website which require constant care (feeding and weeding) to help you achieve your website goals and grow your business.


Site design trends, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) knowledge is constantly changing and your website needs regular design updates to stay current. 

Websites that look old and outdated have less chance of keeping users engaged and hence reduce the chance of conversions, whether it’s making an eCommerce purchase, making an enquiry or signing up for an event.


Just as a well-maintained garden draws the eye and makes your walk a more pleasant journey; a well-maintained website will give the user a more pleasant experience and greatly improves the chance that users will come back.

For inspiration check out our blog article about digital trends to watch out for in 2018.



The worst thing that your website’s users can see is content, promotions or news articles that are months or even years old. This gives the impression that the business either does not care, doesn’t exist any longer or cannot be relied upon to give a good service.

For the same reason, it is also important that links to other pages, sites (including social media) and contact details are up-to-date and don’t result in dead links.

Think of it this way; you see a jacket on a website that you really want. You drive to the address that is on the site only to find that the store has moved. Most people would give up at this stage but you’re more resilient, so you call the store and get their new address. When you arrive at the store you now find out that the price is not as advertised on the website. Chances are that you are now so fed-up you walk out of the store without purchasing the jacket. This is exactly what happens with users trying to find information or make an online purchase if your site has out-of-date information.

It's simple, with regular feeding and weeding, your website will perform at its best.



Regular website maintenance and content updates are critical for search engine ranking for both eCommerce and brochure websites. If you want your website to appear in the top results you need to know how the search engines are ranking information and pages and how to update details on your website, such as the keywords you are targeting.

Check out our SEO fundamentals blog for some tips to help get your website on page one of Google.

Data Analytics

Analysing the data collected by your website and your Google Analytics, updating or trialling various site details such as different Call to Actions or Shipping Pricing Models can lead to an increase in website performance and conversions.

One option is to add A/B testing (sometimes called split testing) to an important page of your site such as the landing page from an advertising campaign. This is where you can show two versions of the same page to site users at the same time and then compare page conversion rates. This would be like telling half of your shoppers, which walked into your physical store, about the blue jacket and the other half about the red jacket. You could then compare how many of each you sold in a week so you know which of the two jackets to focus on in your next advertising campaign.


Another way to trial an idea is to add a fixed period offer and compare your data against a previous time period.

Amazon is extremely good at analysing its data and this led it to introduce ‘Free Shipping’ rather than ’Discounted Shipping’ in certain areas. This, in turn, led to a dramatic increase in sales. Find our blog on the power of free shipping here for further information.

This is like watching your garden so you know which plants grow better in your soil and get the most attention from the people walking past. This lets you know what to keep and what to replace.


Hackers are constantly looking for vulnerabilities within Content Management Systems (CMSs) and within plugins / apps for those CMSs. Because of this, CMS creators regularly release updates and security patches that need to be applied to the websites.

To keep your website and user data safe, and to ensure that your website remains available, a plan for regular maintenance can ensure that CMS updates are applied in a timely fashion and spread the cost.


Browser updates

Updated versions of website browsers are also often released. Although you have no control over which browser versions your website users are using, making sure that your website works well on the latest and most popular versions ensures that users can interact with your website and have the best possible user experience.

In Summary

Whether you have an eCommerce website with multiple integrations, a simple brochure site advertising your physical store or a website for a non-profit organisation; your website is essentially the face that you show to the digital world. Therefore, it is critical that it is looking and performing the best it possibly can; regular website maintenance and content updates are the only way this can be achieved.

Customer value and loyalty lies with whichever website provides the best user experience. Continuously improving your website adds value to your customers experience, leading to sales growth and increased return on investment.

So, watering your website starts here…

You will have invested a huge amount of time, effort and expenditure on your website so the same should be applied to looking after it. 

We recommend setting up a website monthly service plan with your provider to ensure that site updates and maintenance happen with the same planning and urgency as when you had the website built.  Keep it watered and you will reap the benefits including:

  • peace of mind that all software is up to date, secure against any unwelcome attacks and that your website is actually online and operational for your customers and users
  • certainty that developer resources will be available to quickly restore if anything goes wrong
  • assistance with managing content, new products and categories
  • make more money – increase ROI. Continual analysis of website performance, identification of weak spots in the shopping experience, recommendations for site features and functionality improvements to increase conversions

OneClick is a specialist in understanding the convergence of marketing, websites, business processes and integration and maximising these online touch points to deliver the right information, the right way, at the right time…

OneClick can help you nurture your website with ongoing site updates and maintenance. Let us worry about your website so you can focus your time where it counts – on growing your business.

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Jason Platt

Author: Jason Platt
Published: 25/05/2018