Outwear Ecommerce website

Outwear is a distributor of specialised sporting goods, such as Buff Headwear, Sport BeansInjinji Toe Socks etc., to retailers all over New Zealand. This company import and distribute these products to an extensive network of major retailers throughout New Zealand, such as Rebel Sport and Bivouac.


Outwear required a new digital B2C and B2B platform to sell their products with integration to NetSuite. Key requirements of the website included:

  • Create a fully responsive website allowing users to easily view and order on multiple devices to help position the Out Wear brand as the market leader

  • Showcase the complete product range effectively 

  • Design a superior user experience with highly effective search functions to allow users to find product information 

  • Provide a secure member specific portal for online order processing

  • Allow Outwear administrators to access and amend content as required

  • Automatically integrate Sales Orders to the Outwear ERP system NetSuite

  • Automatically integrate product inventory levels from NetSuite to the Website


Outwear chose OneClick as the partner of choice to develop their new website. Key functionality of the website included:

  • Member specific pricing display

  • Multi Variant product display 

  • Fully comprehensive search/filter functionality 

  • Secure member only online portal

  • Quick order option for efficient processing

  • Complete view of client order history

  • Website built to support SEO requirements 

  • Scalable technical platform suitable for future development


The result is a modern, fully responsive website where Outwear clients can log in and place orders at their convenience. These orders are then processed through the website and integrated with the Outwear ERP system automatically.