Software & Application Development

OneClick specialise in building customised web-based software and applications for companies that fully integrate websites and other systems.

OneClick has highly qualified and experienced staff with a wide range of technical knowledge and skillsets. This allows OneClick to provide each client with high quality flexible software, to meet specific objectives and achieve business goals.

Based on many years’ of successful and award winning system development, OneClick also has developed many different software products and applications which can be offered to meet specific needs including:

Digital Marketing Tool Box

The Marketing Toolbox (MTB) is an online software system of different modules that allows large organizations to effectively manage and maximize all digital touch points.

Websites, applications and portals are the single point of contact and communication where all of a company’s key information and data need to come together, not only from an external customer perspective but internally as well. Therefore it is crucial that key data such as customer records, product information, research, staff, office location/service information etc. is held and managed outside the main website and CMS. This is because website CMS’s generally change when the websites are rebuilt which is typically every 3-6 years. This means the more critical business information that is held in the CMS the bigger the risk and more time and cost the re-build is.

The key challenge is that each of these systems such as CRM, ERP, 3rd Party etc. are frequently independent or can’t hold or process the multiple business or data requirements.

The MTB system is the place where select data from each system can be brought together, collated, managed and then delivered in the right way, at the right time to the right people enabling your staff or customers to make the right decisions or maximize communication to customers. It can be completely customized to meet your specific business needs or you can chose from many existing off-the-shelf modules.

The idea behind MTB and how it works


Marketing and Sales Analytic dashboard

  • The dashboard module is a place where groups of users for example marketing, or sales staff, can quickly view meaningful analytics at a glance.
  • The dashboard can pull real-time data from multiple sources and fully integrates with Google Analytics, Sitecore, Dynamics CRM.
  • The Dashboard is fully customizable and the metrics can be tailored for specific roles or departments.
  • The user interface (UI) is fully responsive and easily accessible from multiple devices.

Email Campaign - ‘Content Creator’ Module

This module allows non-technical staff such as marketing staff and administrators, to easily create and manage email campaigns, PDF Flyers and Adverts without needing to manually copy, paste and format content from multiple sources. These campaigns can be useful for many different marketing and client communication tasks such as product marketing, company newsletters and sharing research or news articles or events.

This module also has extensive reporting functionality that allows full visibility to reader numbers, click through and bounce backs.

Application email module

Property Listing Module

The Global Our Listing module case study is on the following live website link.


This Property Listing System provides all the functionality required to manage and distribute, residential or commercial property information globally, whilst maintaining a centralized property repository of all property data. It has all the required marketing fields to drive independent websites and other applications.

It is also capable of integrations with independent websites and other applications. Current integrations include, Microsoft Active Directory, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, Sitecore CMS, Goggle Analytics as well as many third party property sites in both Australia and New Zealand.

Key Features include:

  • Globally accessible platform
  • Providing multilingual capabilities
  • Publishing workflow,
  • Enterprise level platform scalability
  • Full authentication and authorization of users and permissions.
  • Flexible schema for systems change in the future.
  • One of the biggest commercial property companies in the world ‘Colliers International’ use this system for the United States and is currently being rolled out globally to 502 offices in 67 countries.

Applications property listing module

Product Management Module

The Product Database system allows companies and organizations to store, manage and distribute all of their product information in the cloud, whether it be property listings, vehicle listings, hardware, food items etc.

Most importantly it allows companies to integrate multiple product information/data such as financial information from ERP systems, marketing information, and overlay this with customer data from CRM, geographic information and centralized it into one digital product repository.

This can then be managed from anywhere via an intuitive cloud based admin. The system also allows for integration and feeds to any online systems such as websites, mobile apps, third party advertising.

This system provides many OneClick clients with huge efficiencies while enabling them to simultaneously increase online sales.

System Features include:

  • Provide a globally accessible platform
  • Multilingual capabilities, publishing workflow, and a flexible schema
  • Platform scalability and customization
  • Integration
  • Lead generation support

Applications Product Management Module

Other Top-Level Customised Modules

In addition to the above OneClick has a number of customized modules built for specific client requirements including Research Analytic Dashboard’ and more.


  • Dynamics & Sales Force CRM
  • NetSuite, Adagio ERP
  • Google Analytics - GA
  • Websites (Sitecore & Umbraco CMS)
  • Feeds - 3rd Party sites such as Trade Me, Real Commercial, Book an Inspection
  • Social Media – Facebook, Linked In, Twitter
  • Emails - Campaign Monitor, Hub Spot

Applications Research Module