Senior Developer [ Backend ]

A keen chess player growing up, Bill always enjoyed strategy and complex problem solving. As a teen ager, he discovered his natural aptitude for programming and algorithms and quickly realised that these skills would be very useful for a career in software development.

Bill went on to study computer & information science at AUT and gained a bachelor’s degree, majoring in software development. As a student, Bill had many different roles to support his studies, from growing orchids to working on a mussel farm. His first qualified developer role was for a company that designs and builds, among other things, online reporting systems for public transport authorities around New Zealand. Bill helped to design and deliver a mobile application system that collects information from mobility taxi drivers in Otago, and then creates reports to coordinate driver payments.

Bill accepted a role at OneClick to work on the many exciting online projects at the company, and to develop his skillset and increase his experience. OneClick work with large multinational clients that are industry leaders in their fields. Bill’s role includes contributing to the evolution and construction, of the complex and innovative online systems, deployed by these organisations.

Outside of work Bill enjoys badminton and is a keen member of a hiking club. Relaxing for Bill involves long, often muddy, tramps through beautiful New Zealand scenery.

"Life's a climb but the view is great!"

Bill Wang