Colin Jones

Senior Developer

Colin got hooked on Computer games at an early age and was always trying to get money to play more in arcades, often by dubious means. His family therefore bought an early gaming console and later a Commodore 64 home computer to keep him out of trouble. Colin quickly taught himself Basic at age 11 and started to program his own games.

His passion turned into his career and he now has over 20 years of programming, system development and administration experience behind him. Colin has nurtured a passion for originality, visual quality, code quality, and usability of the websites and applications he is involved in.

His work history includes time as Senior Developer for Promap, where he led the development and implementation of their business process management software.

Prior to this he worked as Senior Developer with Image Centre where he led cutting edge projects such as the Juice TV website.

Colin constantly strives to improve his knowledge and problem solving abilities. He understands that not everyone is as interested in technical details as he is but this doesn’t hold him back from tirelessly exploring new architectures, patterns, and gaining experience with emerging technologies.

When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and young family and when he does have spare time Colin tinkers away on projects that will never make him any money. Most recently writing software that plays a perfect game (maximum points, no lives lost) of the classic arcade game Ms Pacman. He is also a very good musician playing drums in the band handsomeloungesuite who create improvised original music.

"With great power comes great electricity bill!"

Colin Jones