David Haysom

Business Development Director

David is our business development director and is as wise as a wizard when it comes to all things eCommerce… 

David is a highly experienced BDM, eCommerce manager, digital marketer and product portfolio manager who is works his magic and demonstrates his skills in strategic innovation, product management, digital marketing, online operations and online development.

David has worked in key roles for small niche companies as well as some of New Zealand’s biggest organisations including Warehouse Stationery, OfficeMax and Spark.  His projects have included: developing the vision and product management of eCommerce channels, identifying and prioritising post-launch improvements of the new web platform to accelerate revenue growth and integrating Software-as-a -Service products into a web platform to provide best practice solutions for non-core web site functionality to improve customer experience and lower costs.

Most definitely a born and bred Kiwi, David’s career spans continents - having worked in France for a few years and speaking three languages.

David is a Campbells Bay Bush Society volunteer for a multi-year native fish survey which means setting a trap every month for one night then counting the inmates in the morning. Catch and release, the objective is to monitor the stream's health.

When David is not doing all things eCommerce or counting fresh water native fish, he spends his time learning stuff, fixing stuff, restoring an old boat and watching foreign and indie movies. His back surgeon says no more extreme sports (they didn’t seem extreme at the time…).

“Success is not delivering a feature; success is learning how to solve the customer’s problem” - Mark Cook, Kodak

David Haysom