Dean Stanton

Senior Developer

As a kid Dean enjoyed the important business of building “stuff” with his precious Lego sets. It was this creativity and engineering bent that lead him to eventually get into programming.

His mother was on the receiving end of a fair few tantrums when she broke those creations and couldn’t put them back together exactly as they were, and that attitude still stands today as if something is to be done, it must be done just right!

Dean enjoys the concept of starting with nothing and piece by piece creating something amazing.

Dean was offered a scholarship for continued study at Massey University after coming top of the class in Information Systems. However, he chose to get straight into the workforce with a job at Image Centre. Over four years of .NET experience was put to good use developing web based applications for a wide variety of clients from the fashion industry through to school stationary and social media.

Dean then decided to try something different and was employed by Square Peg, a leading cloud computing, consulting and solutions provider offering Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Intelligence (BI) software. While there he also worked on the development and maintenance of their clients Sales Force CRM instances.

However Dean missed the development style and creative side of web development and now thoroughly enjoys being back in the C# and .NET development ecosystems with One Click. Dean has a particular interest and specialty in front end User Interface development.

Outside of work Dean lives out his dream of racing a Formula 1 car through computer games to the great dismay of his wife. He also likes to re-live his glory days captaining the Rangitoto first 11 soccer team to New Zealand champions kicking the soccer ball around.

A child at heart, Dean still enjoys building “stuff” with his Lego sets, now with his new son Mikhail. He has learned to kerb those temper tantrums when Mikhail destroys the creations however.

"Can we build it? YES WE CAN!"

Dean Stanton