Pauline Churches

Financial Controller

Ever since she was a little girl, Pauline has loved to dress up and is always keen for a good costume party, hence the Top gun outfit (see profile pic) for this recent 80’s bash, complete with a full head of blonde curls (her actual hair).

Pauline began her career implementing Finance, Human Resources and Payroll systems for a wide variety of different sized companies throughout New Zealand. Pauline then chose to focus primarily on the Strategic and Operational side of Finance and Human Resources, where she spent the majority of her career.

Passionate about organisational growth and development, Pauline was a key component of the management team at ‘Next Window’. During her nine years at the company, Pauline was instrumental in the evolution of this organisation from a very small start up team  to 140 people worldwide, followed by an acquisition by SMART Technologies, subsequently growing to 1,500 employees.

Pauline is currently the highly valued Financial Controller at OneClick and is very much the reason that the company runs as smoothly as it does. With qualifications in Business Administration & multiple system certifications under her belt, Pauline can contribute to any organisational project from multiple perspectives. Overseeing several departments, Pauline manages staff changes, Finance and Corporate Governance for OneClick, all with easy grace and her perpetually cheerful demeanour.

With her busy career and hectic family life, spare time for Pauline is precious and fleeting, however, she still manages to make time to attend her dancing classes. Earlier this year Pauline made her debut at the Bruce Mason Centre with resounding success.

"Anything can happen if you let it"

Pauline Churches