Sharron Martin

Digital Consultant

Growing up in the Emerald Isle and always keen to travel, once she got going Sharron found it hard to stop. Since New Zealand is about as far as you can go without heading back, she decided to stay.

Sharron began her career implementing finance systems, from smaller systems like Attache in the early nineties up to large ERP Implementations using the Oracle E-Business Suite. Sharron has an extensive background in business related software systems and technology. As a software consultant and project Manager, Sharron has an in- depth understanding of accounting, business practices and procedures.

Sharron has always been fascinated with web technology and watched with interest as the explosion of web development changed how companies do business. Keen to upskill, learn about web technology and digital marketing, Sharron completed a bachelor of communications majoring in technology systems and is currently working on her masters.

The combination of business system knowledge, web technology and marketing principles, gives Sharron a highly effective skillset to manage website and eCommerce development projects. SEO is also a key area of interest and Sharron has spent six years researching and writing about SEO and the updates and developments at Google.

Sharron is a Digital Consultant to OneClick and assists with the co-ordination and delivery, of different sized projects for local and international organisations.

"If it’s to be it’s up to me"

Sharron Martin